Inquiry about micrometer

There is a Mitutoyo micrometer with digital read out on ebay that I
was thinking of buying.
Can anyone here tell me what I should pay (bid) for it?
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SoCal Joe
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More than any other bidder?
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Errol Groff
Be more specific.
An 0-1 plain mike is a lot different from a 2-3 thread mike with a full compliment of anvils.
Do you have a model number?
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If you are going to buy one new, then you have to think about how much a warranty is worth to you. I think if I were you and were about to buy this exact mic new, I'd bid it up to 50% of MSC's price or so, within the last ten seconds of the auction, of course.
If you wouldn't mind owning it but are in no hurry, then bid it up to 10% of MSC's price (sniping, of course).
If you are pure bottom-fishing then ask yourself what you would pay and KNOW you got a killer deal, and bid that (if it hasn't gone past that).
There. By the way, this applies to damn near anything, not just this particular micrometer! :-)
Grant Erwin
SoCal Joe wrote:
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Grant Erwin
Hey Joe,
Your question is missing lots of specifics. Mitutoyo makes quite a range of stuff. They make some called "Digit-Outside" mikes, which are a mechanical adjunct to the barrel, where the digits are like the mechanical trip meter on an older car. And then they make a "Digimatic", on which the readout is still an adjunct to the barrel, but it is like a calculator done with liquid crystal display.
For the "Digit" in 0-1", KBC Tools wants $114.62 US; and for the "Electronic Digital" in 0-1", they want $173.85 US. And it you want them in say a 2-3", the prices would be 158.40 and 252.70 respectively.
I would never pay more for a used item than 1/2 the new price, and I'd probably deduct the cost of shipping from the 1/2 price too, so bid accordingly. You do what you want, but when I was buying on Ebay, I'd decide what I would pay, right up front, and bid that. You win, lose, you save. Unless of course it's something you REALLY REALLY wanted!!
And then while it's always nice to have Mitutoyo stuff, there's lots of good quality stuff you can look at and feel at a good dealers, and you can take it back if something goes wrong!! I can't believe the low prices for certain items at Wholesale Tool.
Take care.
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Brian Lawson
That is a little vague. What model of Mitutoyo are you talking about? They make dozens of models.
As an example I purchased a used Mitutoyo 293-765 model 0-1" mic last year for $27. It needed a battery cap ($1.75) and a new battery to make it work. It works great.
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Phil Teague

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