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does anyone know what the build quality of warco lathes are like as i have been offered 1. many thanks

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Hi, in general current Warco imports are well regarded and the company is extremely helpful, unlike some importers their machines are well finished and they provide a good spares backup if ever required. I have bought several pieces of their equipment and have been pleased with the results.

They have been in business for some time now and sold a wide range of very different lathes, I'm sure you would get some better advice if you mentioned the specific machine you have been offered. Their machines have been extensively discussed on this forum and a search on Warco will provide some good reading. Like most secondhand engineering equipment the amount of use/abuse and wear that it has suffered together with the extra tooling included and of course price being asked will be more important in deciding if it is a good buy or not.

Good luck, any lathe is better than none and if you are like most of us, as the interest develops it most definitely will not be the only lathe you buy.

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