What are engine valves made of?

Anyone know what grade of steel (or whatever) the valves in a Rover V8 are made of ? I have a lot I am chucking out and I thought they must be good grade steel and might be useful in a model I have in mind, but I need to know what they are made of to heat treat them.


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Cheshire Steve
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Inlet valves will be EN52B. Exhaust valves will be two part, 21/4N for the head and about an inch of the stem (non magnetic, non heat treatable austenitic steel) and the top of the stem will be EN52B. You can find the join with a magnet. EN52B can be heat treated to reasonable hardness levels but it's easy to make it brittle and you'll probably never get it glass hard such that a file can't touch it. You'll find that the tips of the stems and collet groove area are already hardened so the rockers don't destroy them.

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Dave Baker

Thanks Dave.

Based on your info I searched for EN52 and found some interesting info at G&S valves (which you'll probably know, but I'll pop the link here in case others are interested)

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Now I know the grade I can get the heat treatment info from work.

Nice to still be using EN steel grades ! Steve


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