Where to buy cast iron blocks ?

Rather than buy castings for certain projects, especially the simpler
tooing type stuff, I thought I'd just buy cast iron bars / blocks and
work with that. It's not just a matter of being tight, but in part a
wish to modify designs or do something from scratch without trying to
get a one off casting made and needing paternmaking and all all that.
However, looking at mkmetals website, it seems that it's quite an
expensive raw material eg 50mm diameter by 1m costing a hundred quid. I
could believe postage might be lot but isn't this the basic stuff that
comes out of the furnace at =A350 a ton, before it gets made into the
fancy stuff like steel? Or is mkmetals selling a particularly exotic
kind of cast iron ?
I'm after small bits eg suitable for making a George Thomasish
pillartool, or for the body of a (woodworking) block plane. Another
thought was a bigger slab to cut some T-slots into for a milling table
for the lathe. At this sort of cost I could buy a full-blown mill
cheaper than the iron.
Any thoughts or suggestions ?
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That does sound like an awful lot of money, but generally the cast iron bar from stockholders is pretty good stuff probably akin to Meehanite and very different from rough & ready grey cast.
Try a couple of other suppliers to compare prices, but it'll always be dearer than mild steel.
Cheers Tim Dutton Dry-Dock Traditional & Modern canal craft repairs Vintage diesel engine service
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Tim Leech
Under one of the benches at the factory we have two or three largish castings from a drawing board, about 20+lbs weight in total and mostly squarish shapes.
If they are of any use to anyone, let me know. They are there for that job that "will come along one day"
Peter -- Peter & Rita Forbes Email: snipped-for-privacy@easynet.co.uk Web:
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Peter A Forbes
In message , hyweldavies writes
Try no minimum order and very obliging. Alternatively .
I've dealt with both but normally go to Mallard as first choice
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Mike H
Much more like it. I was obviously looking in the wrong place. Just need to continue thinking the project through; materials no long an issue
Thanks gentlemen,
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The list price is £40.35 for 1m x 50mm dia bar, but you might well get it cheaper if you 'phone and ask nicely - the list price is really for smaller pieces. Meehanite, good quality.
Does odd shapes too, and afaik almost any size and shape is available - they got me some 300 mm x 60 mm (iirc) rectagular bar at a good price.
Shipping can be a day or two slow, otherwise I have had no problems with them.
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Peter Fairbrother
Salvation is at hand ..... call College Engineering Supplies
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...they specialise in small quantities of metals for models engineers. They attend most of our shows and I strongly recommend them from personal experience. --
Chris Edwards (in deepest Dorset) ..."There must be an easier way...!"
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