Snapped alan key

I have a Harrison M300 lathe in my garage.
One of the feed gears ("X") does not engage.
Trying to see if I could do anything, I took off the knob attempting to take out the spindle.
The ball end of my alen key snapped off in the head of one of the bolts.
I do not want to drill it out, but all my efforts to get the broken piece out have failed.
Can anyone advise me ?
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Give the ball a sharp tap with a centre punch in the oposite direction to the way it snapped, it usually works.
Martin P
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If that fails, it might be worth trying something like Loctite 'Freeze & Release', as at
formatting link
I've no experience of its use for that sort of thing, so it's only a guess that it might help.
Cheers Tim
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Tim Leech
I picked up some equipment from a one man engineering business in Leicester on Friday and he was dealing with some tricky extraction problems. It seems that was a big part of his business. He had a serious 'spark erosion' machine that would remove snapped-off taps etc from castings. He was rescuing some big manifold castings for engine manufacturers. I get the feeling he knew all the options.
This is his business, not a hobby, so it may cost. But if your are stuck, drop me a line and I will put you in touch.
Steve (oldnoccer at btinternet dot com)
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Better still, why not ask him if he minds you posting his contact details so we could all benefit.
Best regards --
Chris Edwards (in deepest Dorset) ..."There must be an easier way...!"
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out the spindle.
have failed.
If you've got a Dremel type motor and a small diamond burr (Proops sell them, or scrounge an old one from a dentist) you could try grinding most of it away until it falls out. Its worked for me in the past.
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Gary Wooding

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