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Having to correct some parts of my last posting.

I have a Harrison M300 lathe in my garage.

Having serious problems with the Feed gears ("ABC", "RST", "WXY"); as they do not engage. Does anyone have experience this ? I get no 'feel' whatever when turning the "RST" knob.

While trying to see if I could do anything, I took off the "WXY" knob intending to try and loosen the spindle. The ball end of my alen key snapped off in the head of one of the bolts. I do not want to drill it out, but all my efforts to get the broken piece out have failed.

I am totally deaf, so my list of contacts is very small. Can anyone advise me ?

I am in the Reading area (RG2 8JP).


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"BobTheBowler" wrote

I have done the same.... I have now ground the balls of my smaller allen keys.

You can't even drill the.... the last one I dealt with by grinding off the head until the ball came out, then drilled the remaining bit far enough to use an eze out stud extractor...

I wish you luck, I don't know an easy way round this.

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Jonathan Barnes

Can you tap the head round to loosen it with a centre punch and fit a new screw?

-- Regards,

John Stevenson Nottingham, England.

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John Stevenson

In article , BobTheBowler writes

Have you got access to a stick welder? Try touching the end of the broken off piece with a rod, then hitting the trigger (with the current wound way up).

You'll very likely knacker the screw, but at least you'll frighten the broken off allen key! :^)

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Nigel Eaton

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