Looking for Harrison M300

I am looking for a Harrison M300 in good condition. Ideally, my preference would be for a metric gap bed machine with a full complement of bits (3-jaw, 4-jaw, the vital 5MT to 3MT adapter, coolant and light etc.) and in near-perfect nick. Oh, and for a price a good deal less than dealers seem to want.

Obviously in reality I will have to compromise and/or pay a bit more. However, having decidedly limited mobility, I am definitely not able to take a machine requiring lots of mechanical refurbishment or even a heavy strip down and clean.

If you know of such a machine, please e-mail me at david at dlittlewood dot co dot uk

Regulars may recall I was debating a few months ago the relative merits of a second hand UK machine versus a new Chinese import. I had almost decided on the latter; my reflections were put on hold through a prolonged stay in hospital and rehabilitation, but I have decided to at least try for a decent UK machine as first preference.


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David Littlewood
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Why would it matter as to whether the gap was metric or imperial because surely you won't be chucking anything that comes into contact with the edge of the gap?

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Amateur Machinist

Its an old ship's captain's biscuit ;-)

Regards, Tony

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Tony Jeffree

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