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A test ba, 20mm by 280mm or longer, accurate in diameter and
straightness to within 0.01mm?
Hard bronze strip, 6mm or 1/4" by 1.5mm-ish, 6 inches or so long.
Any ideas?
-- Peter Fairbrother
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Peter Fairbrother
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A test bar - or any bar that's open right now ..
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Peter Fairbrother
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What's standard silver steel like?
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From an advert in today's EiM, company called 'Arrand', The Forge, Knossington, Leics, LE15 8LN 01664 454566 They don't seem to have a website but of you google them you'll find they're highly regarded.
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In article , 1501 wrote:
Below 25mm diameter, the diameter of silver steel should be within +/-0.015mm so could be outside the required 0.01mm if that means +/-0.010mm eg see:
formatting link
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Alan Dawes
Thanks, but I need it accurately straight as well as round.
I was wondering whether precision rail might be up to the job?
-- Peter F
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Peter Fairbrother
The day Arrand get a website hell will surely freeze over.
Good quality stuff, but FFS even the North Koreans now have an internet presence!
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The Other Mike

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