Colchester want £75 for a set of wipers for my Student 1800!
Any ideas on a suitable material to make em from please. Obviously I can
live without the gold-plate......
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Roland Craven
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That doesn't sound tooo bad, I got a quote from Monarch in the USA for a set for my CVA, so far as I remember the wipers themselves were a bit over =A3100 (which I would have considered) but their quote for packing & shipping was almost the same again! I got some dense felt from a stall at last year's 1000 engine do (or was it the year before?). I needed some straight wiper in 6"-ish pieces for my Elliott mill, noticed that the rear way wiper on my DSG was very similar so asked the spares man at DSG about it, they've just sent me two 1m lengths (one for me & one for someone else). It's slightly different from what's on the lathe but it'll do for both.
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I was quoted something similar for my Chippie. I ended up making my own from some rubber strip left over from my garage door seal installation. Time will tell how well they stand up to the oil, but they are certainly working better than what was left of the originals.
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Got a load of 3/8" square felt in 10" - 12 " lengths, was originally for rear oil seals on some old diesels and we had a load of spares cut.
John S.
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John S
Ow much?
Mark Rand (going past Long Eaton tomorrow) RTFM
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Mark Rand
Several lengths of 3/8" sq by the sound of it
Regards, Tony
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Tony Jeffree

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