In search of a cheap emulsifer (AKA @#*&% sales people)

Looking for a cheap emulsifer to get pitch into water. Most of the
ones I have been able to find would work alright but I have not been
able to figure out what emulsifer is present in road pitch and other
very high volume uses since this is the type of application I am
looking at. The cheaper the better, even if it does require a lot of
work to get the material into solution, my primary concern (I am told)
is price.
Venting finished, help appreciated.
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SDS? (Sodium dodecyl sulfate). I think it's the largest volume surface agent, so it must be the cheapest as well. I'm sure I will be corrected if this is in fact not true.
Actually, PEO is used as a nonionic surfactant. It might be cheaper, although I don't know that it would work as well.
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John Spevacek

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