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How can glass (beakers, flasks, etc.) be cleansed of acrylic polymers(*) which are insoluble in water without using a lot of organic solvents? I am searching for an environmentally friendly way of cleaning lab equipment.

TIA, Oliver

(*) highly viscous, strongly adherend, glue-type polymer

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Oliver 'Ojo' Bedford
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Pyrolytacl and then mechanical...

heat it ub and then clean the Glass with a brush...

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Michael Erwerle

We use ulta sound to clean ours but i do not know off hand what the liquid is in the tank it could be water.

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I would try methanolic KOH. Frank

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Frank Logullo

you may try that fill the flask (or whatever it is) with acetone then dip it in ultrasonic bath

good luck

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Ozgur Eylem

You are a bit late... ;-)

It is not possible to fill the flask completely with acetone and then you have still spots with some tacky residue (or acetone-spills dry: same problem).

I have tried most of the suggestion and I will stick to the methanol(ispropanol/ethanol)/KOH solution.

Regards, Oliver

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Oliver 'Ojo' Bedford

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