Injected plastic part with meltable core


I'm looking for informations concerning meltable core in order to realize hollow or empty aera in a injected plastic part.

  1. Is it possible with PP or ABS/PC ?

  1. What are the different chemical formulation for meltable core ?

3.What is the process for remove the meltable core ? Does it damage the part ?

  1. Is it possible to do the holow aera locally in the part, for exemple an hollow zone only in the middle of the platic part ?

  2. Is the process safe, dimentional stability ?

  1. Overmolding: hollow between the injected part and a textil or a film..


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Find some general info concerning lost-core or fusible-core technology = here:

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Yes, when the "correct" alloy is used to allow melt-out at temperatures "safely below" the melting or softening points of those plastics.

Mostly tin-bismuth alloys and the like.

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Melt-out in an oil bath or by induction! This will not damage the part, = otherwise this technology hadn't been used for many years ... =20

Yes, as long as part design allows melt-out after molding. In other = words you do need some openings in the part to allow the support of the alloy core in = the tool and=20 the removal of the alloy core after injection molding.

Yes. It has been used very successfully for automotive air intake = manifolds, for example, for many years.

Perhaps. Depends on the precise design.

A good alternative to lost-core technology might be multi-shell = technology:

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