Polymers based on nitroglycerine ???

Are they still explosive or can I chew them without problems ?

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Dan Simper
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Ah, my old friend poly-beta-iso-nitroglycerine, affectionately known by those close to her as pBANG.

When I recall those glorious days long ago when I was a young lad in persuit of her, my first true love, I still fondly remember (and it brings a faint smile to my face) the faint aromas of the nitric acid residues that still lingered when we drew close. I recall her golden color, a lemon-sunshine that brightened all my days. And sadly, lastly, I still recall her temperment, her exciting temptation of showing her true emotion, of how her thermodyanmics would build toward her activation energy, and of how she would suddenly climax and release her intense waves of Gibbs energy.

We realized it would never last, and so we parted ways. She with her hazardous materials labels defiantly displayed, me without my left arm and right hand but with equally defiant scars on my face, chest, and abdomen. Every so often I still wonder about her, where she might be, who she might by tempting. Mostly, I hope that she is happy. SNIFF, SNIFF.


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Oh dear, I never knew that it happened to you, John... I am really sorry... Ole

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