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I joined this forum some time back asking for help in coming up
scientific argument I could present in Washington for their being a way
to create a stream process to produce gasoline with the same qualities
that adding polyisobutylene to it gives which is 20% plus more mileage
with 70% less emissions while being a great benefit to the engine and
its performance over what is being used now.
That would mean 20 more gasoline for the world with 70 percent less
exhaust fumes. But I couldn't find anyone to take serious that adding
PIB to gasoline would have this effect. The sentiment was that if this
was possible, it would already be used.
I found this article yesterday. It still leaves the field open to find
a way to refine gasoline to meet the same or better standard since the
Iranians are talking about PIB as an additive.
Iran researchers produce new gasoline additive
Friday, October 20, 2006 - =A92005 IranMania.com
LONDON, October 20 (IranMania) - Researchers at the Iran Petrochemical
and Polymer Research Institute (IPPRI) have produced a new metal-free
additive for gasoline that can increase the gasoline's octane, reported
Tehran Times in an article.
Dr Morteza Ehsani, head of the Polymer Technology Growth Center of
IPPRI, said Wednesday that this discovery has the advantage over all
other additives in that it is added to gasoline in a lower density.
He went on to say that current conventional gasoline additives, that is
MTBE (methyl-tert-butyl-ether) is added to gasoline at a concentration
of 5% to 10%. In contrast, by adding some 0.06% of the new additive
more satisfactory results can be achieved.
Dr Ehsani also noted that its ability to decrease environmental
pollution, increase the efficiency of car engines, economy and
easy-to-produce qualities are other advantages of the new gasoline
He concluded by saying that the Polymer Technology Growth Center has 30
technology units which welcome new ideas regarding polymer engineering,
petrochemistry and pharmaceutics.
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Please go back and review the discussions. The resistance was certainly NOT "if this was possible, it would already be used." To mischaracterize the discussions further damages your credibility.
I certainly do not see PIB mentioned in the article below, and would it be accurate to call it "new" if it was? Regardless of what the additive is, the same questions that I raised in the last go-around still need to be answered. Please go back and review the discussions. You will not make any progress in advancing this or any other additive until you start providing answers.
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