PP and LDPE blend

I would like to know if I blend PP and LDPE for extrusion. What is
maxium percentage of LDPE can be used? and I heard that i need to add
random copolymer PP in PP and LDPE blend to help the miscibilty. Is
it true? Whare can I find these information?
THank you very mucH
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I would do patent searches, e.g.:
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The polymers are not miscible but you can make blends. You probably need a compatibilizer for best results.
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If you are using a single screw, it may be better to compound and/or pelletize your blend first. Hand blends can be quite variable.
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L Alpert
Suggest you read the following, including the references mentioned!
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With the suppliers help, you may want to consider testing compatibilizers like Fusabond: 3.
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It appears that the viscosity ratio between PP and LDPE is important in that the resin which is going to form the continuous phase ought to be (significantly) lower viscous compared to the resin which is supposed to be dispered ...
Last but not least, I suggest you do a WEB-search on "PP LDPE blend compatibilizer"! You'll be surprised ..
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Rolf Wissmann
Before using some more expensive compatibilizers, you might wnat to try a simple ethylene elastomer as a compatibilizer first. They are commonly used to impact modify PP and being ethylene based are high compatible with LDPE. I'd start with ~5% of an 0.870 g/cc density product that was similar in melt index to the LDPE. Common commercial products are:
Dow Chemical - Engage ExxonMobil - Exact Mitsui - Tafmer
Hope this helps
Larry Effler
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Now DOW has a better compatibilizer than Engage, it's called VERSIFY and is a hybrid between ethylene and propylene, you can find it in
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