Prototype casting

I need to cast parts of a prototype in a plastic similar to that of
Tupperware or something like that. Problem is that I know nothing about what
this type of plastic is called or where to get it. The main properties that
I'm looking for is the ability for the plastic to be bent and abused and
still keep it's basic shape. Heat resistance and being able to microwave are
Does anyone know where to get someting like this?
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Probably a polyethelene, which comes in the form of pellets for extrusion or injection molding. The material is melted by heating and then extruded or molded using high pressure. You may be able to use a flexible polyurethane for your prototype. It is available as a two-part system which can be hand mixed and poured into a mold. BJB Enterprises might be a place to start:
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Billy Hiebert
Some prototypes can be cast from urethanes. They come in a variety of durometers, some similar to PP and HDPE and they can be pigmented. The basic process involes constructing an original pattern and then taking a mold of that with a flexible mold material. Silicone is often used for this purpose. If the part is complex a multi part mold may be needed. The urethane is mixed and poured into the mold and allowed to cure.
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They sell silicone and urethane mold making rubbers and urethane and epoxy casting resins. There are also some tutorials on mold making on their website.
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joe frank

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