reaction of butadiene and diethyl aluminium chloride

I have been experimenting with using hydrolysis of diethylaluminium chloride
to determine the water ( or other catalyst active species) in butadiene or
solutions of butadiene in other solvents by measuring the ethane levels in
the headspace of the reaction vessel by gas chromatography. On adding deac
to 99% butadiene saturated with water I got a virtually instant reaction
that produced about 5 grams of polymeric material ( from about 150 gram of
butadiene). I would like to understand what the polymer and mechanism is
and why the reaction stopped when it did. Is it a cationic reaction of some
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diethyl aluminum chloride acts as a lewis acid and sits on one of the butadiene double bonds. teh other double bond shifts by resonance and creates a positive center on the other side. another butadiene molecule's double bond sits on this "deac activated" positive center on the first butadiene molecule. the chain reactin continues and thus the polymerization
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if it does , my original goal of using the ethane liberation to measure water and other poisons in the butadiene would be flawed.
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