Removing foam mounting tape

This is the double-sided black foam tape used to attach light trim to
automobile exterors, like acrylic shades.
The instructions say to "rub off excess with fingers" but this is
woefully inadequate. Toluene and IPA soften it up, but evaporate
before they can help enough.
Any other suggestions? I am hoping for something I can brush-on, wait
ten minutes, and scrape off.
Ken C
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Ken C
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Solvents can attack paints and plastics. Best to stick with mechanical removal.
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As Frank said, solvents can be a double-edged sword. MEK (methyl ethyl ketone) or ethyl acetate will come closer to dissolving the adhesive, but also the underlying acrylic. Personally, I'm surprised that the IPA didn't damage the underlying acrylic.
If you go the mechanical route, consider cooling the adhesive in order to stiffen it. That way the energy you apply to it will go into breaking it and not just deforming it and then letting it bounce back. Ice is the handiest but messy, an ice block or an ice wrap is better, dry ice would really be great.
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Well, I didn't find anything that worked that way. This is awful stuff and just short of permanent. Cold doesn't work.
I finally applied mineral oil to the resdue, which made removal of the bulk of the foam with a nylon knife doable. I think the lubrication helped and also prevented the foam from bonding to itself and building up as I scraped.
After that, it was toluene. It dissolved the foam and the adhesive. Didn't hurt the plastic shade or the vehicle -- at least for the few minutes it was active.
Ken C
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Ken C
What ever you use, try to test a very small spot, just in case of problems. There was a solvent used in the past for removing the paper protection on cast acrylic sheets called "Mask Off" which didn't damage the acrylic. I'm not sure it is still available though. Another more recent formulation for removing stubborn labels is "Goof Off".
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Billy Hiebert

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