state-of-art cranioplasty in brazil

we are making and developing a new concept in cranioplasty and aesthetic grafts made by bioceramics. we are producing large pieces of bioceramic cranioplasty that reducing the time of surgeries and geting the best results to patients. a polymerized bioceramic made by OSTEOSYNT - a brazilian pioneer in this area, had produced immediate results, no inflammatory process and absolutely biocompatibility!

The use of combined materials as bioceramic and polymers , and good engineering process of 3D prototyping and CAD design are now the new way to solve and assure the integrated bioengineering result

To know about it s sufficient to visit the website, and read all the published information over there.

Combining polymers well controled and the proper bioceramic as Osteosynt had been the key to patient satisfaction eng. r. teixeira

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