temperature and pressure dependent properties of 3179 Dilatant Compound ?

I am looking for information on the temperature and pressure dependent
properties of 3179 Dilatant Compund aka SIlly Putty.
Its my understanding that this substance has a inverse thixotropy, that is,
it becomes solid under pressure.
I am interested in how a known pressure will effect the solidity of the
material under temperatures in the range of 40F to 100 F....
Any information will be greatly appreciated.
shockie B)
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I'd contact the manufacturer (Dow Corning). They might have the data you need.
"Inverse Thixotropy" is called rheopexy. This is a time dependent increase in the viscosity at a constant shear rate. This is completely different than a material becoming a solid at an increased pressure, since an increased pressure is a static situation, while rheopexy is inherently a dynamic situation.
In addition, most materials (water being the well-noted exception) become solids under pressure. There is nothing unusual about this at all.
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John Spevacek

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