5 Axis Cam Wildfire

In 5 axis milling sequence, could someone tell me the meaning of the i,j,k,
values on in goto block?
Is maybe the following:
i rotation about X ??
j rotation about Y ??
k rotation about Z ??
If yes, which kind of value is in output? are they decimal degree or
Thanks in advance
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They are tool axis vector components in the x,y,z direction. In 4,5-axis machining, you must have both a tool tip position and direction that tool is pointing. In 3-axis machining, the tool vector is always 0,0,1; ie, pointing along the z-axis and is never explicitly stated. What g-code the i,j,k vectors correspond to varies with machine and is handled in the post-processing.
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Brent Muller
Guess your boss is too cheap, shortsighted and spineless to tell you that you need to go back to school and take some courses in advanced, multi-axis machining. You're looking for nickel answers to $10 questions when you don't even know the basics. Somebody ought to wake up and get serious before you're the only one left to shut out the lights and lock the doors.
David Janes
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David Janes

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