5 axis machining & post processor

Hi guys, I need your suggestions & help about 5 axis machining & It's post processor development in pro/NC.

  1. Can you please give me a description on how to go about a
5 axis milling? I've done alot of 3 axis with Pro/Man but 5 axis is new to me.If you have some information on how I should go about doing that (online resources, books etc), I would greatly appreciate it. Even a few lines in reply to this email about the basics would be a good start for me. Can u send me some of your work of 5 axis machining done in pro/NC. I'll reverse engineer that & it'd be of great help to me.

  1. We have a DMU 60 P 5 axis machining center with heidenhain TNC 425 controller. The machine has a rotary table which is read by machine as a C axis while a tilting head which is read as B axis. The tilting head can tilt at 90 degree & becomes a horizontal machining centre. Actually the B axis is not a straight one, but at an angle with the Y axis in vertical plane so that when the head tilts about it, it ( the head) comes to a horizontal machining center position. I don't see such a machine with these axis in the option file generator (Applications > Post Processor).If u need, I have an image illustrating this machine, & I can send it to u. If you have post processor for this machine & other 5 axis machines besides this one & willing to share, I'd be really grateful to you. In case, you don't have a post processor for this machine, can you please help me in developing its post processor?

Thanks in advance, Regards,

Frank Wilson, Manufacturing Engineer.

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Frank Wilson
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No, but I can send you to someone who can - and I don't mean "kinda can", I mean *really* can. Google alt.machines.cnc, find Tim Markoski, and email him. Tell him the Commie sent you. He knows his stuff cf. five axis posts. Or just cross this post over to amcnc & say you're looking for Tim Markoski. He's a sort-of arrogant reactionary, but a talented one. Youth, ya know ....

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