5 Axis mill Workcell Config

Is it possible to define the rotational axis limits for 5 axis Milling Workcell configuration in Pro/E??

Axis j has to be -30°/+120° Axis k has to be -180°/+180°

This limits should be defined before PostProcessing so the tool path is calculated in the right way.

If it is possible where I can setup it?

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In a workcell definition? I haven't looked at Pro/NC in a few years (since

2001) but I don't recall machine limits being part of a workcell definition.

Well, actually, I thought the post processor handled the machine defintion, such as, travel limits, rotational limits, cutter speed limits, etc. Do you know how to create a post processor within Pro/NC? There used to be a program called NC-POST where you filled in the information needed to create a post processor for a certain machine.

David Janes

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David Janes

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