Data exchange between Pro/e and Solidworks

People at work are recomending STEP and IGES as the best formats for the very basic, neutral file communication. However, I notice that Pro/e exports to something called .X_T for Solidworks and SW exports to something for Pro/e called a .PRT file. I'm going to assume that both the players in this scenario are such tight assed pricks that NO format on anyone's list is feature based (I.e. parametric), that ALL exchange dumb solids. So, I guess it comes down to how do they most reliably communicate, I.e. which produces the fewest failed, broken or unsolidified models. SW jocks welcome to chime in on their experience with data exchange. I'm looking for anything that rules out certain ways and favors others.

Also, anyone who knows the role (usually deleterious) of Pro/e's obscure accuracy issues in successful data translation needs to be heard from.

David Janes

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