Drag and drop vs http-links

I am trying to use the drag-and-drop functionality in Wildfire to add
parts to my assembly. It works just fine as long as the parts are
stored somewhere on my LAN or locally on my computer. BUT! When I try
to drag-and-drop a part thats is pointed out with a http-link, pro/E
think of it as a web page and open up the built in browser to open the
link. I have tryed this by having a simlple html-page localy on my
computer with some links that points out the parts with the UNC name
format (\\servername\etc..), files locally on my C-harddrive and
finally http-adresses. The first two formats works great but the
http-links DOES NOT WORK!!
Is there anyone out there that has a solution or a clue how to work
around this??
Please help me...
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