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: Are all those numbers needed in the system file types pertaining to Pro-e??? : No, these are for internal Pro/e use only. Associating them with the program and making them system recognized extensions comes about by double clicking on a file whose extensions has been suppressed because in the Windows Explorer, 'Tools>Folder options>View' setting "Hide extensions of known types" has been checked, so you never see these numbered extensions. When the system cannot find an associated program, it gives you a list of programs to pick from. When you select Proe, and you leave the box checked that says 'Always use the selected program to open this type of file', the number at the end gets associated with the application file. If you don't want it added to the file associations list, uncheck that box before opening with an application. If you want to remove the association, go to File Types, scan the list and delete those you do not need.
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