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I am trying to create a cam-follower joint. The problem is that the cam is a standard lobe cam (basically a ruled protrusion) while the follower is another cylinder pointing at it perpendicuarly (sp?)

It doesn't work. any suggestions?


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Michael Pinch
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It shouldn't matter whether the follower is oriented parallel or perpendicular to the cam's axis of rotation. But, if the axis of the follower is parallel to the axis of the cam's rotation, it must have the ability to move up and down, normal to the cam's axis. So, while the follower's axis is not normal to the cam's axis of rotation, the folllower must be attached to something whose movement is normal to the cam's axis ~ a slide or a lever, for instance. Then the cam must be assembled with a connection that allows it to turn and then, it must be 'motorized'. Lastly, the contact surfaces on the cam and follower must be identified when creating the cam/follower connection.

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David Janes

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