Cam Follower Mate HELP Please !!!


Sorry to post this again, but this is a BIG Problem... especially if you use Cam Follower Mates!

And to add more insult my var is off doing promotional work, I met them yesterday at a show/demo and they could not get this to work either.

Cam Follower Mate gives the yellow triangle exclamation point error: "The selected faces do not form a closed and continuous cam extruded from a single profile"... what does this mean, it is a single cut round hole???

Again, it is a round hole 7.5" dia (extrude-cut of a sketched circle) cut into a 10.5" square 0.5" thick plate and a 0.260" pin (extruded circle sketch) it doesn't get simpler or more continuous... there is a lever arm holding the pin, it is free to revolve around, it just will not mate up to the round hole! It was originally a closed spline curve and so I went back to the simplest form (a circle), and still it does not work...

It worked in 2006 SP3.1 and doesn't in SP4.1.

Anyone else seen this or had recent Cam Follower Mate problems?


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Aron Bacs, Jr.
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I also tried it here with the same results, and no solution. My lack of response was because of the latter.


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Wayne Tiffany

I looked into this a little more and found that they made a change the the cam follower mate. If you simply have a hole and peg, then just use a tangent mate. If the hole is a spline profile the cam follower mate works just fine.


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Jeff (and everyone),

What version / service pack are you running please?

My initial problem was following actually a spline curve and it did not work, at least in SP4.1 it did work in SP3.1.

I did the simple circle test because I thought there may have been a problem with a discontinuity in the spline curve - there was not. Also, in general, if you right click on a surface and choose select tangent then all "continuous" joined items are (and should be) selected, again though only if they are continuous. And even though SW selects them just fine, it gives back an error saying they are not continuous - that is the problem - it is broken code I believe... cam follower mate just sits there... and gives an error message.

It was working fine several days ago, before my SP4.1 upgrade, so I think that is it. That is why I have asked the group to kindly check this out, thanks in advance!

Further developments:

I also cannot get it to "contact mate" from COSMOSMotion either. But it just might be caused by the original mate not transferring -or- corrupting the COSMOS code/data even though I have tried to manually add the contact (curve to curve)mate... Each time I try a new solution I reboot and draw a new set of parts, so that no part data can corrupt the test - who knows what actual data is kept with the parts and assemblies, so I am trying to eliminate that from the equation.

This is a problem. I have also contacted a VAR about the problem.



P.S. Thanks Wayne for checking it out!

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Aron Bacs, Jr.

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