Hole Table Question

Anyone know how to setup a hole table as follows:
Insert a hole table with TAG, X , Y & SIZE values (SOLIDWORKS TEMPLATE
For example: Hole [TAG][ XLOC][YLOC][SIZE]
[ A1 ][ -1.00 ][ 4.00 ][ 5/16-18 TAP]
[ A2 ][ 2.00][ 3.00 ][ 5/16-18 TAP]
[ B1 ][ -1.00 ][ 5.00 ][ .387 THRU ]
Then hide the "size" column. (?) (cant see a way to do that)
Now build a new separate table that cross references each TAG with its
For example: Hole [TAG][SIZE]
[ A ][ 5/16-18 TAP]
[ B ][.387 THRU ]
This cross reference table would need to stay linked to the hole table.
TIA for any input
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Insert two hole tables connected to the same view. Delete the size column from one and the locations from the other. They will stay connected and also update together.
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Hey, Thanks for the tip in the right direction Jeff. Works just fine... I saved each of the two table styles as templates. Just hafta be careful to tie both tables to same origin and face. Also, dont show hole tags in second table. Second table now has an inserted column for "Geometric Tol" that is blank. I just create Geo-Tol lables for position tolerances and place these manually into the area of these blank feilds. This allows my Fisrt X-Y table to show all (4) place decimals and their position tol is controlled by Geo-Tol Column.
Now question is: Can I pull this Geo-Tol value for each hole size from the model by linking my "new" Geo-Tol Column to a property or is this possible?
This would make my whole table parametric not fudged for Geo-Tol callouts.
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You could link to a property, but you can only link to one property per column. So I do not think that you can pull off what you are trying to do because you can not assign a property per feature.
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Thanks for your input Jeff
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