How Do I Depict A 'Limited Area' in ProE 2D Drawing?

I have a long, semi-cylindrical (ID) surface. I want to have the last
45mms of each end of this surface called out to a more precise
cylindricity tolerance, because plugs are inserted at these areas with
a close slip fit. I know exactly in Y14.5M-1994 how I want to describe
these areas-- it would look like Para of the standard. (a
hatched area, outlined with section lines, and dimensioned) These
areas are not actual separate ProE surfaces, they are just zones
within one big surface.
Trouble is, I have NO idea how to actually draw this thing in Pro/
Engineer. I can't find an obvious command for it anywhere. Can anyone
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We're talking about 2D of a cylinder, so it sounds like an axial section. In Pro/e, on the sectioning datum, create a cosmetic sketch (box, automatically hatched) of the area you wish to identify for special treatment.
David Janes
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You need to find a way to create yourself separate surfaces, as you've already identified.
This is quick and dirty but entirely appropriate for many situations: model the machined interior of the tube with a single revolved cut, but instead of sketching a single line to form the tube ID, put a couple of notches "U" or "V" shape to divide where the three zones will be. Dimension each zone's diameter separately. Now you can show each zone with it's own tolerance and attach datums or geometric tolerances to each zone.
If there is a more streamlined way to do it I'm keenly interested in how. I'm using WF4 and I'm not aware of a better way.
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David Geesaman

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