Newie needs help.

I need to drill a .25 dia. hole thru a cylinder. This cylinder is 2.00 in diameter and 3" long. The axis of this drilled hole is in a

15degree angle (or 105 degree from the cylinder's axis).

1) How do I locate the axis for the drilled hole?

2)Do I need a datum point on the cylinder's surface to locate the new axis?

I'm running Pro-E 2001, Windows XP Pro.

Thank you.

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A point on the surface is a good idea. Pro/e hasn't, however, gotten the idea yet that you should be able to grab an 'end' of an axis and drag to any angle on a spherical csys that you want. So you have to set it up with other datum features. The point is good for setting up a couple datum planes. Make the first through and pick the point, then pick the center axis of the cylinder. Make a second datum plane through the point, normal to the first plane and at the 15 degree angle to the plane that the cylinder axis is normal to. Put your hole axis at the intersection of these two planes. With the axis highlighted (think it works this way in 2001), start the hole function. It may automatically give you a coaxial hole. If not then pick the axis, and pick the surface as a secondary reference. You should also be able to pick an appropriate depth type to go through the next surface. This may work for only simple holes, not standard (tapped, c'bored) holes.

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David Janes

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