Sorry for the humble question and my bad english
a customer of mine has an old version of ProE (19)
He does'n want to change that version
now he would like to buy another licence for a notebook that he would like
to use somtimes, instead of use his Desktop at home.
How can we do? is it possible???
He uses the release 19 on a Win Nt 4 based workstation
Does that version run on Win2K or XP ???
thanks for your replies
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Hallo Umberto, I you buy a new (additional) license you get a license for the current Version. It is Possible to get license file in a compatible format for older versions. - i.e. ProE2001 but we have never tried to install an outdatet version (< 2001). The new license file format is ready for license borrowing, Wich is not compatible with Versions before Wildfire2. Installing Version 19 on Win2K ... happy birstday 8o). - For more info ask PTC.
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Ingo Hochmuth
thank you for your reply
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