Pro on Linux reviews?

I've been trying to find reviews of how well proe works on linux and not having much luck. If anyone can point me in the right direction I'd appreciate it.

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Matthew Smith
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We're using Pro/E Wildfires on two Linux boxes, One is Redhat 7.3, the other is Debian (Our major platform is HP-UX, the rest is Windows) All has nVidia Quadro4 cards on P4 2.4 and 1GB RAM. It works well (I think it's better than Windows) Recommended highly on linux, but linux has no Pro/Mechania yet. T_T


Matthew Smith wrote:

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Kim Heui Jung

Maybe you'd be better off waiting. There was an announcement made between Sun and PTC. Wildfire 3 is going to be running on Solaris X86 by mid 2006. Thats a very stable Unix OS, and lightning fast.

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Paul Gress

Yeah, I'd rather see mechanica for linux.


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According to

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linux is a supported platform for Mechanica Wildfire 3.

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Randy Jones

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