Re: Cant choose the right quilt/surface from model tree.

: Hi everybody.
: I´m trying to make a "insert"/"cut"/"use quilt" and I come to the "surface"
: dialog box, where I have to choose the correct quilt/surface, which I can´t
: on the model because proe chooses the wrong surface....
Do you see any yellow on the surfaces you are trying to use for the 'Use quilt'
cut? If so, it is not fully merged and that is job #1 ~ get the surfaces merged
into a watertight quilt (if completely enclosing a solid) or fully merged quilt
(if not surrounding but bounding and dividing sections of the solid). If the
does not encapsulate solid, then it must come to or past solid surface, at all
places along the quilt. If you can't tell, then extend the edges of the trim
so that it sticks out past the solid surface you want to trim. You don't hurt
anything with 'sloppy' trim surfaces. In fact, if the quilt is 'buried' inside
solid, it can't even be selected for use in the cut (unless it completely
solid). Clear as mud, huh? I've got the tutorials. Maybe you could refer to it,
chapter and exercise.
David Janes
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David Janes
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