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Well, Paul, unless you "signed" it anonymously (in which case, you're listed as 'name not displayed'), then you're not listed.
BTW, for the jousters at menuing "logic" or at how useable, "user friendly", or "intuitive" software may be, well, "it depends", yes, and the conditionals are, namely, experience and expectation (which, btw, is much based on experience.) And these are much like first loves or like the fond smells of suckling at ones mothers teet: powerful, in the half remembered background of instinctive reactions, but largely unreliable in the decision making process. IOW, I've heard these comments for 20 years, at each and every change in software, and then they dissipate when persons involved become more familiar with what it is, what it does and with the manifold ways it's been improved. So, as opposed to the aristocratic suggestion that 'familiarity breed contempt', in this case, familiarity brings respect, acceptance, even defence.
I signed.
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