So who thought of this one for WF?

In 2001 you click on "open", you go straight to the working directory, right? Well now you go to the last folder you opened from. I've just wasted an hour because I was comparing a part with an earlier number, which I thought was 20 minutes old but was taken from the folder the next level up and was a couple of days older. Couldn't work out why the pivot was a different diameter.

Whatever waterhead at PTC thought of that, I have a good job for them. They can stand out the front of Walmart and say hello to everybody that come in for their Thanksgiving turkeys. Thanks and take a cart.

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That is a new setting in Wildfire. FILE_OPEN_DEFAULT_FOLDER





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Ben Loosli

Thanks Ben, this one has annoyed me in the past too, just not enought to bother looking up how to fix it. Now I don't need to.

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John Wade

That's very good to know. Thanks for that.

Ben Loosli wrote:

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