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Create a curve by projecting a curve (circle) on a sphere. If the
projection had a thickness it would have the shape of a contact lense.
Cut the resulting curve from the projection in half. Discard one
half of this curve. Now connect the open ends of this curve with a
staight line. Regarding creating a surface from this curve: I've
tried it using boundaries without much luck. Any suggestions?
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Should work by just picking the two curves as first direction curves for a Boundary Blend. Perhaps if you will outline the exact steps you are using in the attempt, the version you are using, perhaps your experience level (helps when making assumptions where necessary), etc., someone may be able to help you sort it out.
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Jeff Howard
You should be able to do it using boundaries. Use the two projected curves for your boundaries in the first direction, then select the end vertices of either one of your two projected curves as your boundaries in the second direction. Should work.
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