synchronization of two 4D CAD models


Is it possible to synchronize two 4D CAD models? ie. so that two different models could be time stepped in sync, allowing comparison between the models. Your help would be much appreciated.


Mayu & Vivian

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I don't see why it wouldn't be possible. If you can analyze one model, you can analyze two. The only additional functionality that would be needede would be the ability to compare the two on any number of different paramaters, like cost, completion date, flexibility in resolving scheduling problems and how that effects different stages of a building project. This depends upon two things: 4D software capabilities and raw computing horsepower available on your system. As the question you raise about simultaneous, sychronous model comparison is a highly technical, software dependent issue, the ones to best address such capabilities would be the software publishers or vendors. There may also be architectural cad or project scheduling news groups that might also be more suited to addressing your questions than a news group focused on Pro/ENGINEER mechanical design/engineering software.

David Janes

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