HO W.R.X. "craftsman" reefer models

I've got a couple of questions about WRX "craftsman" type reefer models passed on by Jeremy Baerenwald, a visitor to the

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web site.

I have a possible correction to your list. I have W.R.X. > boxcar #9305 made by Branchline Trains. Your list shows > that they made quite a few numbers but it would appear that > this number was skipped on the list. I also have a > question. I have W.R.X. boxcar #9353 which according to > your list is made by Comet and by Red Ball. I purchased > this car at a swap meet already assembled and with no box. > Both cars on your list are listed with the same features > but my car has a black roof and ends rather than red. Is > there any other features I can look for to identify who > made this car? I cannot find any maker's label and I was > also wondering what the age of this kit is.

Any help on these questions would be appreciated. I will forward your comments to Jeremy and also update the model list:

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If you want Jeremy's e-mail address, please contact me offline at snipped-for-privacy@mathu.com.

Regarding the Branchline #9305 model: this is a car in the old-time WRX "arch lettering" and apparently an oversight on the list. It will be added to the list of Branchline models. does anyone know if this was a ready-to-run or a kit, a single car or part of a multiple-pack offering?

Regarding the Comet / Red Ball kit: I thought those two WRX models were pretty much interchangeable wood craftsman kits of the 1950s. was one company a successor to the other? Those cars had printed cardboard sides on a wood body - my understanding is that the rest of the car was painted by the modeler so if a model has a black roof instead of a red roof, that was due to the modeler, not Comet or Red Ball.

Is there any way to perhaps differentiate between Comet and Red Ball kits? My guess would be in the type of trucks or wheels used on the model might help determine the age of the model -- although I realize that craftsman kits were usually offered less trucks and couplers.

Walthers also had a craftsman WRX reefer available into the mid 1970s but that car had the later WRX lettering style, not the early "arch lettering" style. Did they ever offer that car with the older-style lettering?

Any other comments on the possible age of Jeremy's model?

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