turn off all tolerances on proe model

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Do 'Tools>Options' and set tol_mode to NOMINAL then save your config.pro to your startin directory (Windows). If you never want to be able to modify the tolerance value and will always use a default tolerance block to set tolerances, you can also set tol_display to NO. Then you won't even have access to the tolerances.
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David Janes
In a drawing?
Set you selector to pick dimensions only. Select all of the dimensions with a box. Right click and click properties. Set tolerance to nominal.
Different configurations approach tolerance display differently.
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Polymer Man
yes, I do all that but, the model dimension that set with tolerance, not in the drawing, this model I got it from the vendor. somehow, if i edit any dimension in the model, property box open up, the dimension preset with tolerance, because that all of the demension in the drawing turning the toleranes on by them self when I insert our drawing set up file. this never happen to me, I am working with proe for more than 10 years. this is driving me crazy!!! henry
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