what kind of project (topic) could you use pro-e for :

pls i would realy be greatful if any one could tell me the kind of
final year project (graduate)you could use PTC Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire
and pro mechcanica for. thanks
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You might post your question on the Pro/E forum, Miscellaneous section, at mcadcentral.com . There are a lot of students hanging out there. Your question might get more exposure and generate more interest. Are there any forums dedicated to Pro/E Student Edition? If one exists should also be a good place to try.
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Jeff Howard
Think of it this way: Pro/e (and Mechanica) are used in every field of mechanical design and engineering you can think of. Professionally. Every day of the week. If Caterpillar can build heavy machinery and diesel engines with Pro/e, it can handle your Senior Design Project. Anything you can think of.
Maybe you're just having trouble coming up with an idea. Here's some stuff others have done:
formatting link
's a place to start, anyway.
David Janes
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David Janes
Maybe you could use it to design a space station or a replacement for the space shuttle. That's a topic assigned to most undergrads at least once in their college career for some design course. ;-)
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