3 Space Aquiring System

Greetings Experts,

I'm about to embark on building a device which can determine the dimensions of a room from a point source, using a laser distance measuring device (laser tri-angulation). Now in order to do this i need

to spin on 2 axis, aquiring spherical measurement data. In order to do what i wish to do i need some very fast sample rates on my laser distance measuring device. The problem now becomes that my device costs

more than my budget. However, if i down scale my spherical measurement radius to 10cm, and have a 3mm resolution, I can aquire a spherical measurement of the surrounding area in about 7 minutes. The only problem is that this wont work for "wire-wrapping" a room from a point source perspective. So my question is, does anyone have any ideas of what practical application this 3D point source scanner would have with

a 5-15cm range and a 3mm resolution? What i was thinking was that for now i could build my device such that the device could do what i originally wanted it to do, but i'll just have to replace the laser distance measurement device with something better in the future. Thanx for your help

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