Anyone know how to use BASIC stamp program, BOE or eb500?

Hi, I am currently doing a school project which involve the use of an eb500, sound module and BASIC stamp II attached to a BOE. We are using it to communicate with the handphone. Initially,the phone could detect the eb500 and the eb500 LED light up. However, after we connected the sound module, the eb500 could not detect the phone.We suspect something is wrong with the eb500 but we can't conclude that. Below is our program: This program demonstrates how to get the address of the eb500 serial ' Bluetooth module. ' ' Instructions ' ============ ' 1. Verify that the eb500 module is connected properly to the AppMod ' header of the developent board. ' 2. Modify the connection logic to use the correct Bluetooth Address. ' 3. Compile and run this program. ' '


'{$STAMP BS2} 'Wait for the eb500 radio to be ready PAUSE 1000

'Connect to the remote device SEROUT 1,84,["con 00:0C:84:00:05:29",CR] SERIN 0,84,[WAIT("ACK",CR)]

'Wait for the connection to be established and switch to data mode WaitForConnection: IF IN5 = 0 THEN WaitForConnection HIGH 6 PAUSE 300

'Wait for 20 seconds PAUSE 20000

'Switch to Command Mode LOW 6 SERIN 0,84,[WAIT(CR,">")]

'Disconnect from the remote device SEROUT 1,84,["dis",CR] SERIN 0,84,[WAIT(CR,">")]

May I know what may be the possible causes for failure? A million thanks!! Best regards, Elizabeth

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Hi Elizabeth, I see you are not getting a response to your questions. would suggest you try the stamp group at:

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I'm sure you will do a lot better there.


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