Barometric Pressure Sensor

I want to make my robots sensitive to weather conditions. Humidity and
temperature sensors are well covered on the Internet, but I am not
finding much information about barometric pressure sensors. Any
suggestions on specific barometric pressure sensors or on how to roll
my own?
Thanks in advance,
J Wolfgang Goerlich
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Barometric pressure sensors are pressure sensors. They're all over the place. Digikey is one source. Google has a zillion more.
Mitch Berkson
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Mitch Berkson
You want an 'absolute' pressure sensor (as opposed to 'gauge' or 'differential' pressure). The former type contain a vacuum reference on one side of the pressure diaphram. For ambient air, a silicon diaphram type is fine.
One inexpensive choice might be the Motorola MXM2102A 0-100kPa, but it needs a 10V supply and an amplifier. The MPX6115A is 15-115kPa, runs off a 5V supply and the output can go right into a 0-5VDC uP ADC. It's around $18 one-off, more than double the price, but still not bad.
Best regards, Spehro Pefhany
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Spehro Pefhany
if you don't want to use a discrete device, where you have to build a circuit arround, you can also use automotive pressure sensors. These devices are named MAP - or BAP - Sensors. For your issue BAP - Sensors are the most suitable ones. I know that Nissan uses such devices. They have the benefit, that they are well tested on outdoor conditions. For pricing information you can ask every Nissan garage
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Michael Velle
You might want to look at the MPX4115 sensor. There are several projects on the Internet that use this sensor; search for MPX4115 or barometer/altimeter.
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Alan Holt
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has some at the higher end - even if they are too much for your project you could compare to their specs
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