COMBAT ROBOT BUILDING COURSE -- Begins 1/26/04 in San Mateo, CA

Take the Robot Challenge!
In this Community Education course at the College of San Mateo, you
will build your own fighting combat robot in just 11 weeks. Work on
your own or as part of a team. At the end of the course we will hold a
tournament and fight the robots against each other!
CSM's Tech Center is where it will happen, and is equipped with all
the production machines and tools you could ever dream of. Milling
machines, lathes, welders, grinders, sheet metal and fabrication
equipment, and much more.
Special emphasis will focus on building combat robots within a small
budget, including scavenging motors and gearboxes, batteries, and
radio controls from inexpensive items.
This class is designed for builders of any skill level and age (under
16 must enroll with a parent or adult partner). Even if you have never
picked up a tool in your life, you will build a robot.
The class starts on January 26 and is held each Monday night from 6 PM
to 10 PM in San Mateo, so sign up now!
Here's the link to get to the class sign up:
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See you there!
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--Any chance of making it a telecourse? It's a heckuva commute from Santa Rosa... :-)
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