SF Bay Area Combat Robotics Building Course

I am teaching a hands-on class called "Robot Challenge" at the College
of San Mateo in the San Francisco Bay Area which teaches people to
build their own 12-pound fighting robots from scratch, using a wide
variety of metal working tools, equipment and techniques.
I am mentioning it in this newsgroup because the facility in which the
class and labs are held is very well supplied with metal working tools
and equipment, and anyone on this list who lives near the College of
San Mateo should consider taking this class just to get access to the
The class begins on June 14 and is held each Monday night from 6:00 to
10:00 PM for 10 weeks long and costs $149, including the class and lab
fees. There is no prerequisite to take this class and you can be a
complete novice with no metal working or mechanical skills. You get
access to any of the equipment that you need to use, and you will
receive instruction and safety checkout on the equipment.
For more information, please see the class web site at:
formatting link

On the web site there is a page called "CSM Facilities Tour" page with
photos of some of the equipment that might pique your interest.
Thanks, and I hope to see you there!
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--Unsolicited testimonial time: I took the class first time around and it was a hoot! I'm taking it again cuz I'm planning to build a small electric trike, using stuff from a middleweight bot that I'm building concurrently. Nice shop they've got at the college, heh.
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