COMBAT ROBOT BUILDING COURSE -- Begins 6/14/04 in San Mateo, CA

Take the Robot Challenge!
If you have ever watched BattleBots, Robot Wars, or Robotica and you
wanted to build your own combat robot, this is your chance. Build and
fight your own combat robot in a world-class shop in this hands-on 10
week course.
CSM's Tech Center is where it will happen. The 15,000 square foot
facility in the center of the San Francisco Bay Area is equipped with
all the high-end production machines and tools a robot builder could
only dream of, including milling machines and lathes, welders,
grinders, sheet metal and fabrication equipment, keyway cutters,
electronic equipment, and much more.
Special emphasis will focus on building 1 to 30 pound combat robots
within a small budget, including using motors and gearboxes,
batteries, and radio controls from inexpensive items.
This class is designed for builders of any skill level and age (under
16 must enroll with a parent or adult partner). Even if you have never
picked up a tool in your life, you will be able to build a competitive
robot in this class. There are no class prerequisites for this
You can work alone or as part of a team with others who take the
The class starts on June 14 and is held each Monday night from 6 PM to
10 PM. The final Robot Rumble will be held on August 23, 2004 and the
public is invited.
The instructor for this class is Jim Newton, an innovative mechanical
designer and BattleBots veteran who is currently working as the
Science Advisor for the MythBusters television show's third season on
the Discovery Channel.
The course costs $149, including the class and lab fees. You will
also need to provide your own components for your robot, depending on
your design.
The class is filling quickly, so sign up now at:
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See you there!
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