Robotics Software Engineer San Jose CA

I'm posting this here as I believe that people that enjoy robotics
(especially realtime programming and hw/sw interfacing) would also
enjoy an opportunity
Machine Control Robotics Software Development Engineer
Software Development Engineer to join our outstanding Automation
Development Team. The ideal candidate will be self-motivated, with the
to work comfortably on both individual- and team-oriented projects.
This individual will work closely with the Mechanical and Electrical
engineering teams to define and implement all aspects of machine
controls, operator interfaces, and data reporting as a part of our
custom factory automation solutions.
The ability to understand and evaluate interfaces between hardware
and software control will be required to develop overall system and I/O
requirements.=B7 Primary responsibilities will include software design,
testing, and debugging of a diverse range of machine control platforms
Contribution to the development of new / improved automation concepts.
Provide internal and external customer software support when necessary.
Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or
related field
Minimum requirements:
Minimum of 2 years prefer 8 years machine control programming
experience required in either or all of the following:
Servo /
Stepper drive systems
Discrete I/O control applications
Robotics or Machine Vision applications
PC Control systems
Embedded machine control
Ability to provide clear and concise communication of product concepts
and engineering requirements
Ability to follow both written and verbal direction, and to ask
questions when
Willingness to exercise considerable independent judgment
A desire to work within the automation industry and see projects
through to
Must be willing to travel as required ~ 6 weeks / year
Ability to work in a clean room environment. Class 1 to Class 1000.
This may be required during the installation and support of existing
and new
projects on our customer floors.
Machine, software troubleshooting abilities
Desired requirements:
Direct experience programming for robotics and or machine vision
Human/Machine Interface application design and development
Ethernet networking experience
Serial communication using Barcode Readers, RFID or other peripheral
PLC, V+, C++, C#, C, VB, Java, XML programming experience a plus>
The company is located in San Jose CA. Please forward resume to joe dot
connell at
Thank you
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Well JoeC,
I'm posting this here as I believe that people that enjoy robotics (especially realtime programming and hw/sw interfacing) would also enjoy being paid very, very well for their how MUCH is this great opportunity that you offer paying which happens to be located in one of the most expensive locations in the United States?
JoeC wrote:
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I would imagine that most regular posters here are already paid very well for their time. The fact that a job advertisement lacks a salary range in no way implies that the company is cheap. Some just prefer to hold that card close. The main red flags here are that he has a non-corporate email address and says "the company", not "my company", and not even a named company. That means he is a headhunter. While robotics jobs are in general on-topic, we would really prefer to see ads like:
"Hi, I'm an engineer at company X, we're developing a really cool robot that does Y, and we're looking for engineers that know A B and C to help us."
to ads like:
"Hi, I'm a headhunter, company X gave me this list of things they want but I don't understand. Instead of telling you about what X does or what X is really called I want you to send me your resume so I can forward it to them and collect a commission without doing any actual work."
--which is spam. Get lost, headhunters. You are not welcome here.
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e c kern

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