Re: Explosives stolen from Police in San Mateo County

Yep, though they sure phrased it oddly. The guy should have just said that detonators are required. Also, a "pipe bomb" is a device, not an explosive. He should have used gun powder or BP as an example of a "low explosive".

It's no wonder we have so much trouble with the ATF and their idiotic definitions when they are so lacking in precision. It wouldn't have surprised me if the guy had added, "...and rockets are explosives 'cause they gots stuff that burns in 'em."

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Everyone, wastestream media pundits included, seems to be missing the major point here: what the HELL is the SFPD and SMCS doing with such explosives anyway?


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Norm Balog

They just want to be ready to be ready in MOVE shows up, like the Philadelphia PD did.

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We don't take prisioners here in Philly.

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Phil Stein

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