Free Junk at Homebrew Robotics tonight!

Last weekend I cleaned up my office and garage, and I have a lot of robotics related junk to get rid of:

Old CRS robot -- arm is okay, but no gripper, no controller, no software

Old Rhino robot -- lots of missing/broken parts

386SX SBC with manuals -- Works!

Basic stamps, BS1, BS2, expansion board

Bare motor controller PCBs

Misc I/O cards

Lots of cables and wiring

Lots and lots of periodicals and books.

I am going to load all this stuff in my van and take it to tonight's meeting at Homebrew Robotics in Mountain View, CA.

I am planning to give it all away for FREE. If more than one person wants a particular item, it will go to whomever is planning to use it in the coolest project, or whomever is willing to make the largest donation to the Homebrew pizza fund.

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Man that's almost worth a ticket to California! JCD

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